Once you’ve procure ingredients and have the equipment you need, you’re ready for the first step of my my standard recipe.




  1. Wash and sanitize all equipment
  2. Follow the instructions on the yeast packet to rehydrate
    • This step can take some time for it to cool down and be ready
  3. Add all ingredients to the fermenting bucket
  4. Measure the original gravity of the batch
    • If adding sugar, honey, or maple syrup measure both before and after
  5. Measure PH
  6. Put airlock on the fermentation vessel
  7. Store fermentation vessel somewhere cool (~60F) and dark.
  8. Record date, measurements, and other information
  9. Add reminders to calendar for key events

Next Steps

Once your brew is fermenting, it’s a waiting game. While you’re waiting, make sure you monitor it.